2016 happened.

Our first year as a married couple. I feel like our relationship only gets stronger. Obviously marriage is not an easy journey but I enjoyed that part of 2016.

The rest of 2016? A lot of it sucked.

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In flight essentials

James and I will be jetting off to America next week. These are some of the non-negotiables  I will be packing in my cabin bag to help me through the 26.5 hour flight.


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My skincare journey: twenties edit

Since my pre-teen years, I have religiously applied a daily moisturiser and SPF in the form of Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisture SPF 15. I avoid going out in direct sunlight, but if I were to do some exercise (only in the evening, near sunset) I’d supplement that with at least SPF30 sunscreen.

In July this year, James and I went back to Singapore to attend my primary school friend’s wedding. For some reason, I decided to try using eyeliner. On going closer to the mirror, I noticed some under eye wrinkles. I freaked out.


Beautiful wedding, my 27th birthday, and also the day I discovered my wrinkles.

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Gumtree Adventures

I was writing a post about distractions from study and making a (hopefully) lovely and interesting list of cool things to do at home instead of studying that people could read and be amused with – potentially considering the various games, movies, activities as things they might want to do.

Alas, I was distracted from even that by a quick decision to buy a new video card despite my current one being purchased only 4 months ago. As such, I decided it would be best to quickly and promptly offload the old video card through second hand sale. In doing so, I felt like it might be worth writing about the various experiences I’ve had with Gumtree so far.


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