Making intangible stuff.

Some people have been saying they have a lot of time at home with the recent condition of our world. This has allowed them to do things they had wanted to do at home for yonks but had never got around to. I actually have quite a fair bit of time at a home because that’s what I do. So things didn’t change that much. Still, I felt with some of the changes in work hours, I should make use and pursuit some projects that came up as I went down a rabbit hole, flexing some creative juices along the way. This post is going to get super nerdy.

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Doing stuff at home

Like hopefully most of Toronto, Canada etc, we’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible. Orange Juice City for some time now has basically been our apartment.

We’re still going to work now that our self isolation period ended after we got back from Belize, but apart from this and essential grocery trips, we’re doing our part and staying in. To be honest, I’m a big homebody and this doesn’t even bother me that much, so I don’t know if it really changes anything. It stops us from going out for our regular date night. It means I have to think even harder about grocery shopping which is already really difficult adult activity. Also, our apartment management’s questionable decisions about restricting delivery is a huge pain for getting things online. My last delivery that I had to go the post office to get was a pack of N95 masks from China.

Staying at home in some ways has been fun though. Here’s a, once again not all encompassing, list and some notes.


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I’ve been watching too many K-dramas

Our province remains in a state of emergency, even closing High park to prevent large crowds from gathering to view the cherry blossoms.

I’ve tried to spend my time productively, attending multidisciplinary team meetings from home, studying from a textbook and the various online lectures available. I’ve also started dabbling a little in the Australian sharemarket. But despite that, I’ve still ending up spending an inordinate amount of time watching Korean dramas.

Therefore, I decided that today’s blog post would be a showdown between the two male lead characters from the dramas I’ve recently watched: Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok from Crash Landing On You, and the alien Do Min Joon from My Love From Another Star.

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Retro Throwback – My 4th Generation iPod with a click wheel and some music from 2003-4

It has been a while- both since we’ve done one of these throwback posts and since the relevant albums came out. It is 2020 – 16+ years! That is, half my life since these albums came up and since I was a teenager walking through  the quadrangles and courtyards of my high school with my 4th generation iPod with the clicky scroll wheel before touch screens were the norm on handheld devices.

Since being forced into self isolation due to current events, I’ve spent more time listening to some music which I don’t usually get to do, what with things to do and podcasts to listen to instead during my daily chores and commutes. It makes me think of some of music from the past – particularly entire albums rather than bands with the occasional stand out song. I have chosen a few to discuss. Maybe I will talk about some individual songs at another date.


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Contrasting getaways

In the lead up to what is now a very odd and defining moment in human history with the onset of a pandemic, we did a little bit of travel before the recommendations for isolation started becoming more real and something to take seriously.

First a day trip to the snowy Blue Mountain Resort for some snowboarding and then just under a week in the Caribbean to Hopkins, Belize.

I should say though, that I’m now super stressed about working out how to manage work with Covid-19 looming and the fact that my occupation has very little leeway for self isolation and social distancing. Hence I will keep it brief.

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